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Since the listing of corals in the CITES appendices, aquaculture of these animals has begun to emerge in order to satisfy demand while preserving corals and coral reefs. Coral aquaculture has since been practiced at various scales in many countries. In intertropical countries, corals are cultivated most of the time in a natural environment, while temperate countries tend to practice coral farming in aquariums on dry land. Indonesia remains the largest producer and exporter of live corals in the world. In Madagascar, it started 8 years ago and is developing under the “village farming” model which results in the integration of coral farming within village production systems. The main economic outlet is generated by demand from touristic aquaria but we can also consider this practice in a reef restoration context (i.e. requests from NGOs or administrations).

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You will learn how to grow corals by cuttings

How to manage the growth…and many other techniques...

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