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Symbioses are intimate and durable associations between organisms of different species, among which are the commensal, mutualist and parasite type relationships. The laboratory is interested in the various adaptations shown by symbiotic organisms as well as in the mechanisms that ensure the transgenerational longevity of symbioses.

Socio-ecological aquacultures are emerging aquacultures that are "ecologically clean" and have a direct economic impact on disadvantaged communities. Our laboratory is involved in the development of three socio-ecological aquacultures: sea cucumbers (sea cucumbers), seaweeds (algoculture) and corals (coralliculture).

In animals, light is used as an almost instantaneous information carrier and has a huge importance for survival! Light perception is a crucial sense for interacting with the environment: animals see or, more generally, feel the light even in absence of eyes... In contrast, they can also send information, through light, to other organisms of their own or other species : they emit, reemit, reflect or modulate light...

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