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New collaborative papers on shark bioluminescence with our colleagues from UCLouvain.

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Marine Biology (BMAR) from UCLouvain, two papers were recently published in the journals Photochemistry and Photobiology and Acta Histochemica.

- Adrenocorticotropic Hormone and Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate are Involved in the Control of Shark Bioluminescence by Laurent Duchatelet, Jérôme Delroisse, Nicolas Pinte

Keiichi Sato, Hsuan‐Ching Ho, Jérôme Mallefet

- Etmopterus spinax, the velvet belly lanternshark, does not use bacterial luminescence by

Laurent Duchatelet, Jérôme Delroisse, Patrick Flammang, Jacques Mahillon and Jérôme Mallefet

This research, led by Prof. J. Mallefet (BMAR, UCLouvain), aims at a better understanding of the natural bioluminescence of deep-sea sharks. The intense collaboration between both UMONS and UCL teams started in 2009 and focuses on the study of "Extraocular photoreception" in marine metazoans.

Cherry on the cake, the first author of both papers will present his thesis public defence on the 3rd of October at UCLouvain (additional information here)!

For more information, please contact Jérôme Delroisse (UMONS).

Etmopterus spinax, the main model species of the research project

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